Paint Booths

Manual Powder Coating Booths

We produce and sell manual powder coating booths with different configurations to pleas the customer’s demands.
The booths have INSEMEX license according to the standard.
The manual booths are the produce on which was based our production because it was the best selling product of our factory.
The booths are manufactured from quality metal sheets, degreased and phosphate after which they are powder coated.
Our booths assure perfect conditions for the painter and the best powder coating efficiency process.
The manual booths assure necessary production needed for every powder coating shop.
They create the necessary work environment to obtain a quality paint – that’s why the booth should be choused to for fill the request for the powder coating shop.

The typical models are: the powder coating booth with front opening, the powder coating booth with front and side pas through opening, the open powder coating booth and the double manual booth.

Manual spray booths
• manual spray booth spray frontage
• manual spray booth spray frontage and side openings crossing
• Manual spray booth flaring
• Two manual spray booth spray openings
• Painting double cab manual

Automatic Powder Coating Booth

We produce and sell automatic powder coating booths in different configuration to respond to the needs of the customers.
The booths can be made of different materials depending from the customer request (iron sheet, stainless steel, plastic).
All the booths have the INSEMEX license.
Our powder coating booths assure the best working condition and also the repeating of the same processing parameters, an essential request for automatic powder coating to obtain the best quality.

The automatic systems for powder recovery, the alimentation with fresh powder system and the sifting system provide a high reproductively of the processing parameters and also the best working conditions of the system.
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