Liquid Paint Booths

This cabin is designed for dyeing liquid organic solvent or aqueous dispersions. The cabin is equipped with fan and motor, verified and certified Explosion.

Organic solvents used in spray booth or aqueous dispersions building is designed as either galvanized or stainless steel sheet.

On top of the cab is mounted suction fan. Inside the cabin air is sucked by the fan through and ÅŸicane of filter elements from progressive density glass fiber, and discharged outdoors. Progressive density filters are designed to stop paint particles were not deposited on the track or on the wall ÅŸicanat. Suction fan creates a current inside toward the spray booth, for filter elements, such paint can not catch it in the workshop space. In the center of the back cabin is located a deflector screen, which is to increase the efficiency of solids recovery not submitted on track and increase the life of the paint stop filter.

Spray booth is equipped with a cart to collect the pieces and paint not submitted drained deflector screen. Your shopping cart is located below the bottom panel of the cab.

The bottom panel of the cab is fixed on a rotating base that sits piece to be painted and that can be rotated to apply a uniform coat of paint. The cabin is equipped with explosion protection lighting installation.

All electric actuators and command execution are ATEX 2G IIB and can be painted in this way with organic solvents or aqueous dispersion. ÅŸicanat mechanical filter can be removed easily for cleaning periodically.

Note: liquid paint booth can be made ??in different sizes, depending on the recipient’s request.