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Powder Coating


Tim ElectroColor | Vopsire in Camp Electrostatic

We offer complete electrostatic powder coating servcies, coating lines and coating equipment

Professional Services

Powder Coating

Within this wide range we are specialized in:

  • Surface pretreatment by immersion cleaning in solution or spraying
  • Dry-off ovens after surface pretreatment
  • Manual powder coating booths
  • Automatic powder coating booths
  • ITW Gema powder coating equipment from Swiss
  • Cure ovens
  • Automatic or manual transportation systems
  • Painting/drying booths for liquid paint

TIm Electrocolor Location

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Tim Electrocolor Services

Our reference list contains big names in the Romanian industry like: ARCTIC, ELECTROALFA, ELECTROLUX ROMANIA, AUTOMATICA, ELBA, ELECTROAPARATAJ, DUAL MAN, to mention just a few of the 160 powder coating systems in Romania.

The powder coating booths and the powder coating guns have the INSEMX license, license which is necessary according to the enforced legislation.
We also offer powder coating services within our work shop in Timisoara.

On the basis of a contract we offer specialized services for Gema equipment and spare parts for them.
We dispose of a permanent stock of spare parts by our work shop in Timisoara.